A concert unravelled, we stepped inside the music . . .

Divertimento for Rope & Strings, an original performance conceived by prize-winning aerial artist Gisele Edwards and co-produced with MSL Projects, premiered in Hastings on 5th April at St Mary in the Castle.

Divertimento was a playful and unexpected performance collaboration between two acrobats and two virtuoso classical musicians. Captivating, funny and inventive, the artists played with the musical score exploring the spaces, the silences, the dots, the lines, the dashes, the melody, along the horizontal of the stave and the vertical of the metronome.

The evening was a great success. Here are some of the comments we received afterwards:

It's like a vertical ballet!

Stunning, inspiring, enjoyable, admirable, creative.

 Amazing show.

 A bold concept executed with charm and style.

 A wonderful, inventive show.

 Highly original and enjoyable.

Unique and amazing.

My baby moved for the first time.

Didn’t know what to expect. Utterly enchanted.

The Divertimento artistic team – Gisele Edwards, Concept; Kate Higginbottom, Director, Dramaturg, Choreographer, Costume; Phillip Granell, Violinist; Midori Jaeger, Cellist, Composer; Coral Dawson, Rope Artist; Joe Kelley, Acrobat.

An abridged showcase of the work was performed in August 2016, featuring Gisele Edwards in partnership with Riotous Company as part of Tête à Tête Opera’s Cubitt Sessions. 


Photos by John Cole.