A concert unravels, we step inside the music . . .

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MSL will co-produce, with Whirligig Arts Management, a new work called Divertimento for Rope & Strings, featuring prize-winning aerial artist, Gisele Edwards. 

The full-cast production of Divertimento will premiere in Hastings at St Marys in the Castle, on 5th April 2018 (5.30pm for 6pm). This performance will be free but Gisele and her fellow artists are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to close the gap between what they have and what they need to deliver the show as they would like it to be. If you would like to help Gisele please go to:


Divertimento is a playful, unexpected collaboration between Gisele, an acrobat and two virtuoso classical musicians. Captivating, funny and inventive, the artists play with a musical score exploring the spaces, the silences, the dots, the lines, the dashes, the melody, along the horizontal of the stave and the vertical of the metronome.  

Rye Creative Centre will also be hosting a performance of Divertimento in Rye on 28th March (1.30pm for 2pm). Tickets are £6, and £5 for concessions.

An abridged showcase of the work, in partnership with Riotous Company as part of Tête à Tête Opera’s Cubitt Sessions in August 2016 (as seen above), received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the audience:

“Amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this before.” 

“It was fresh, irreverent, surprising and very funny. I really enjoyed it." 

“I thought it was fascinating. I found the fiddle and cello playing absolutely astonishing. And Gisele, she’s phenomenal, she gets stronger and stronger, it’s just extraordinary to watch the shapes that she creates and the incredible control she manages.” 

“It was sort of like a modern representation of opera. It was really cool that they matched story with music so well, so it gave you two points of focus rather than just music.” 

“I was brought to tears . . . so simple but brilliant, absolutely moved to tears.” 

Please click here to see a trailer of the performance. 

Further information from margaret@mslprojects.co.uk