Jon Pratty, Consultant and Project Manager

photo of Jon Pratty

Jon is an experienced journalist, editor, digital publisher and creative producer, working across a wide range of public and private sectors. His clients include content development and strategy for Midis Group in the Middle East and a range of national public
sector agencies in the UK. He was recently commissioned to develop accessible exhibition labels and content for a British Council online exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey.

As a creative producer, he develops and delivers novel and innovative public programmes which use place-based digital connectivity to build new kinds of town and city-scale networks. In spring 2018 he worked with ex-MakerClub colleagues to deliver Playing Field, a new approach to teaching young people about games design. In summer 2018 with MSL he developed and delivered Hastings Creative Summer, a creative media summer school for young people who have never had the chance to learn about digital media. 2019 saw Jon helping design and deliver Hastings Creative Spring, and in summer he curated and convened This Is For Everyone and Is This For Everyone? for MSL. Jon is currently delivering Our Past, Our Future for MSL Discover, funded by The Space.