Traditional British nursery rhymes (and those from all over the world) often contain nostalgic and beguiling imagery, but they can also have dark and scary themes. They frequently deal in child abuse, religious bigotry, racism, torture, plague, war and prostitution, and are not always intended for children. 

MSL is working with famed Scottish company, Mischief La-Bas, and Hastings based, Radiator Arts, to produce Nursery Crymes, which was performed in Glasgow in November 2017 and will be coming to Hastings in 2018. 

Click here to see some video clips of the exciting Glasgow performance.

A brilliantly conceived show that packs a huge and powerful civilisational punch, a devastating critique of the tolerance for cruelty and destruction that is often hidden in our adult language, but leaks out through those nursery tales." Scotsman

"Clever, funny, thought-provoking – it would be criminal not to revive it soon." Herald

The Glasgow audience were asked to describe the show in three words:

"Fantabulous, wicked, amazing . . . Bizarre, exciting, creepy . . . Obscure, crazy, fun . . . Weird, wonderful, engaging . . . Debauched,  disturbing, delicious . . . Dark, naughty, mysterious"

The Hastings performance will be site-sensitive and take the form of a promenade, as in an exhibition or fairground, with audiences timed to enter the space at intervals and be led through the event by performers in role. Nursery Crymes will be a cautionary, provocative and immersive show for adults, at once performance and conceptual art.

We can't divulge any more at this stage, while the forces of good and evil take shape, but watch this space for further updates on the  Hastings show coming soon. And don't look behind you . . .


Photos by Eoin Carey