Silence is an extraordinary new work from the rightly acclaimed Polish theatre group, Teatr Biuro Podróży. Commissioned by GDIF, Freedom Festival and Hull UK City of Culture, the show premiered at GDIF 2016 in June.

Photographs by Steve Eggleton and Doug Southall.  Click on the pictures to see more.

Outdoor theatre making with Teatr Biuro Podróży.
28th – 31st August 2016

MSL Projects, in association with 101 Outdoor Arts offered a three-day immersive workshop for professional outdoor arts practitioners alongside two performances of Silence in Newbury, a unique chance to work with TBP’s founder and artistic director, Pawel Szkotak, and other members of the company, in an intimate, reflective environment.

Here's what they said:

An incredibly rich and invaluable opportunity...

A feast of inspiration, creativity, practical experience and communication...

A supporting and challenging working environment...

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